Each one of these texts have been written in an hour. I haven't edited them after writing. This is how I express myself in 2014.

Sat 14 Feb 2015: working in Athens with Georges Jacotey

[all texts unedited]

Trying to work—there's an exhibition we need to do—no idea what to do—doing it primarily to have a reason to meet—Athens, February 2015—Sitting on a sofa—someone else's apartment—with the sounds of medium traffic—and the peculiar silent hum of a still life room—the dog wants something—do i want something—my depression is not gone—i suppose i shouldn't travel—is this contagious—even this form right here disgusts moi—thought of pizza—then coffee—would need to speak to people tho—don't want to speak to people tho—or do but only to artists—because I need work reasons to do things—not sure if that's a reason—the dog stopped wanting things—which is not to say the dog died—no one died—there's still a chance—both ways

Georges will be here soon—i've promised to deliver nothing today—and i'm keeping my promise—or not and showing this to G—my toe hurts from new shoes—they were tad too expensive—just like this trip—no funds—no grants—spending my savings from 2014 to be here—it's ok new money will be printed—or earned—I feel like I haven't earn to have anything—whatever—I don't even have money—I only hold it for a second for someone else—like the ECB—but anyway—now I take a look at money—like—say—a hundred euro bill—and say—i'm not having this—and the bill takes note—and leaves

DJ Tonka—don't look it up—not that kind of reference—you're not that kind of listener—you're core audience to no one—you're sadness sold when everything must go—you have failed so others don't have to—you're the loser christ—is what i mean—and i'm mean—i'm mean so you don't have to—no one should—yet here we are—hating hating hating—I saved some commas there—for things that deserve privacy—all "hating"s should and will be put together—is that the solution for narcissists—too—keep em separated—narci ghetto—place where everyone's getting loved—and no one's getting unwanted attention—because everyone loves themselves—and doesn't care for others 

DJ Tonka—it's on eternal repeat—like all great artists—oh god—that's a tiring thought—you say a thing—and spent your life living with the echo—hope you don't spoil it all by saying something stupid—since—you know—people want to see destruction—and people want to be loved—meaning that either they shame and destroy you—or they love the idea that you might love them—either way it's shit—that's why—we do private screenings only


a. What was the first scene you ever witnessed?
b. Nu-Metal in Tampere, Finland, late 90's. I was running this festival with my friends in our home town of 10 000 people. Some kids from Tampere, a university city nearby, surprised us by showing up. We got friendly and subsequently, our band scored a few gigs from Tampere. What I remember from that scene, like, the defining moment, took place in this tiny apartment full of records and two turntables. Guy living there DJ'd for a nu-metal band called [redacted], I think. We came there most likely to pick up an instrument or something, it was always a thing never a house visit since none of us lived there, in Tampere, just yet. Later on, most of us moved there but the band fell apart quite quickly, actually. Anyway, that's the seminal moment for me: sixteen, in some cool kid's apartment. I think he had dreadlocks & piercings maybe. I looked at him design a flyer for some club event. I still remember that flyer. It had an oriental lady in the background, drawn well you know like a Marvel character, and then the information in three different weird fonts. Here was this guy playing in a band, doing graphic design, living in a university city. That was pretty much the dream back then. 
a. (plays a sample from [redacted])
b. So this happened before the cold realisation hitting everyone that sitting in front of a computer, airbrushing ads for a Volkswagen might not be that creative nor rewarding. Lot of my friends studied something like graphic design, but then most of them landed in different jobs or re-entered student life. I studied communications and animation, respectively, in these 2-year vocational schools, not finishing either one. Nu-metal died too, although as you can hear it sounds pretty great today, provided today is still 2015. As all cool things, it became embarrassing pretty soon after its peak. My friend from the band posted one of our songs to Soundcloud a year or two ago, gathering likes and laughs. Also I think DJ'ing was becoming very uncool but then a recent dance music phenomenon known as EDM and the star jockeys it created saved it. I mean we will always need a beat, of course. This is something that classical music types haven't figured out: we have electricity and recordings now so we don't need you guys anymore, except for like thematical weddings. Although I'm not sure if there's enough baroque-themed weddings for everyone to go around.
a. Do you see any difference with Nu-Metal scene of your adolescence and euro-centric contemporary art world of today, of 2015?



Empty apartment. PROTAGONIST sits in a corner of living room floor. Noises from the corridor.

P: I wish there was a way to show your art without meeting people!!!!

Noises get closer. KREON, the young artist, walks in, door is open. A group of Kreon's FRIENDS (F) follow soon behind. They're noisy, laughing. They stay behind at the entrance to the apartment, trying to remove their shoes from their feet, unsuccessfully.

K: Yassas bitches! (F laugh)
We got the solution for you, filos!
F [from Just-Ice's Moshitup]: suicide it's a suicide
suicide it's a suicide

P: It's a shame. I would be judged by the men below. They are my family. I'd rather die an everyday death than kill myself famously.

F [rapping Monie Love's "It's a Shame" while throwing their boots towards P]: 
Get back on your feet, please
I'm beggin you to check out all your own needs
Don't let nobody see you in a state of grievin' over the brother

K: Who's this brother I keep hearing about?

P: My art is my brother in law & order. My other family is dead.

F: [singing Public Enemy] Bring the noise!

K: haha, they're right, let's bring the mpatzanakis in!

BROTHER enters. Brother is the most hideous, ridiculous thing you've ever seen, completely overblown in every possible way.

B: IMA SCHOOL U!!!!! (this is all B says. It is not written as dialogue from hereon, but feel free to insert in here and there along the way. Also, kill the brother at some point, in the background, without too much noise, sort of awkward stage death)



tell me something i don't know, ie. pretty much anything
like, say my name & i won't turn

no one cares what you know
we care who you know
this is the network talking
your peers
the static
every day and every night in yr head, making you buy plane tickets

you're a radio station playing commercials 
thinking that's the way to finance what you want to actually say
but you've forgotten what you had to say
& all you hear is static

you are not the problem nor the solution
if you think you are, 
you are

who do you know & who are you 
talking to & listening to?
who knows


Day 1: performance
Day 2: drinks
Day 3: drinks
Day 4: no drinks
Day 5: opening
Day 6: outdoors
Day 7: ?