Each one of these texts have been written in an hour. I haven't edited them after writing. This is how I express myself in 2014.

14 September 2014: a poem

Years before I was born
All the vocals had already been pitched up beyond any character
The start and end points of all samples had gradually moved 
so close to each other that everything sounded like little birds stammering

I remember when we were young and your mother was sick 
you were chanting a list of new sub-genres next to her bed, no help

Copyright and artistic identity were turning into a game of taxonomic prowess
as the amount of musicians finally passed the number of insects living 
The only way to survive the acoustic flood was to curate and give names
to thousands of SoundCloud accounts at a time

Those of us who couldn't 
got infected by audiofrenia
earth's population dropped to 400 000
most of the survivors were sociologists and biologists

When I was 25, I went down a bad way in Vienna
I started imagining I could hear the Holy Grail of auditory hallucinations
The 2nd Millennium Matrix, also known as the Tonal-Atonal Catch
I was being locked up in a hospital, in the infinite echo chamber room for six months

While I was away, Pekka and Christa travelled three years
searching for an uncompressed snare_808.wav stereo audio file, 
pitch +0st, with no added reverb
I remember getting the news of Pekka's suicide
someone told me Christa was next to him
recording him to his last breath
Seconds before Pekka died, Christa changed her recording settings into 96kHz/48-bit
hoping to elevate him into higher fidelity

A .torrent file containing recordings of 
Pekka's clothes from A/W 2034 rustling and swishing was circulating in 
Southeast Estonia for two days 
one seeder and twenty leechers

When your mother finally passed away
you joined the Finnish branch of the cult she had founded

The Seer of Turku read your cards
and gave you instructions for aural cleansing
They were horrible in their simplicity:
You needed to avoid all frequencies lower than 100hz

You moved to Lapland
installed these enormous stainless steel high pass equalizers outside your cabin 
But when the mining for fundamental resonant tones from the centre of the earth begun
and they had that accident in a mine near your area
there was nothing you could do

The Northern Hemisphere Bass Outbreak got you
It got us all