Each one of these texts have been written in an hour. I haven't edited them after writing. This is how I express myself in 2014.

12th June 2014: poems

i wrote these like in 30 mins, while lying on the bed feeling hyper aroused. i'm not saying the time limit makes them better or am not trying to apologize it is what it is, although it never is what it seems like.

What if dot dot dot
What if all, I mean aaaall, like, historical periods, their names, are code words for the kinds of sex people were having during that time?
Yeah I hear you before u even say it, yes, baroque people didn't call their epoche baroque, some historian christened them, ooo, later on.

anyway dot dot dot
What if
Like think of rock 'n' roll
think of the lyrics of hit songs from 30's 40's on and on and on
backdoor men, whipping it, good rockin' tonight, mambo...feel it pls
do people ever talk about anything else
or when they do, they feel sad
when i talk about art i don't wanna feel sad

are you feeling it, close your eyes but not all the way, like drunk vision, high vision
imagine gothic sex, cubist sex, the enlightened sex, a postmodern sex.

wake up in some other time
touch your hair
and try to think 
if this is the way hair is being touched
right now, right here
your touch is a culture i never get

calcium made those nails for you
now use them
draw your nail down your cheek
or fast
try both
you're fast in this time
but you would've been slow in early 1600's

instead of writing, give those letters petting
let your fingertips wander around
the o's and g's
the numeric the arabic
think of how the x came in existence
go back in time to the creation of 6
of 4
of 1
look for sexual positions -are there any other kinds?-
in the letters and numbers
numbers are obvious, and h
H too kinda
oh my god how good it feels to type that letter i mean press it
i'm not gonna repeat it tho
it's yr turn

the good of history
is sex

bad, too


how u gonna make yourself fit in here

lines lines
calls calls

ok screw the first two lines but look at, i mean 
feel those two: calls calls

calls calls
not one call, not calls in general
but calls calls
not a wordplay either, no third person is doing all the calls
but calls calls
the endlessness of all those calls
saying it twice gives it yeah what?
like it's a way of saying something that you should know by now
the latest word on the street
lingo lingo bingo bango 
yeah it's nothing silly like that
it's calls calls

i'm listening to Kevin Saunderson's Good Life, remixed by Matt Smallwood, and I realize I probably should include this track with these words
like tell you that while reading please listen to Good Life here's the link
but what if you don't, like what if you wanna see if it works without it 
or your speakers are broken and headphones are in the other room,
worn by your lover, it's the only thing he's wearing and they're not covering his ears. Then i realized, oh my god, that's what a radio play is. It's something someone wanted to say but in a particular space. Me in the Saunderson space. Jennifer told me no one knows what a radio play is, so what should I call it, radio drama? There's no radio here, no third person is doing all the announcing. I'm doing it. But yeah yeah so let's call it a recording?

so anyway
calls calls
you get them
i might get one
ralph lauren got them
sophie lauren got them
laurie anderson got them
lou reed didn't take them
laurie didn't answer, either
others did that for Laurie & Lou
jesus, how many calls someone like
hans ulrich obrist is getting and how
few of them get answered, or called back
The callback. That's the worst power play.

:D lol this was so :d


Björk: Hyperballad

Singing a lot 
few breaks
silence is not her strong side

this is a remix
this is 90's
this beautiul view
from the top of the mountain

when i was 16
I was sure she 
would get me 100%
she was my soulmate

someone has added delay to her voice, nice
we need remixes to be safe again with you

i barely stay awake
having björk as my partner
no, she would party all nite
and wake up early before me
and listen to the sounds I make
on my way down
i'm sure she's like that in relationships
imaginng how my body would sound like
slamming against that personality cult

my decades so far:

1980's = madonna
1990's = björk
2000's = beyonce
2010's = marina